Monday, February 4, 2013

Beyonce Super Bowl XLVII Half time Show!!!


Many people gathered together last night to watch the SUPER BOWL!!!Many watched there favorite team play... But some (like myself) only wanted to watch the Beautiful Beyonce Perform!!
To be quit honest I only wanted to see if she would sing Live! As many of you know she sang the National Anthem, and apparently she was Lip Singing. Which her explaination made sense, We've seen many celebrities completely Butcher the National Anthem!!!!
So I wanted to see if she would be singing full voice!! 
But what suprized me and excited me the most, Was that the Destiny Childs were together!!!! 
And they Looked amazing !!! I was Astonished by What I saw!!! 
They just came up from the stage like it was there duty!!! But it was amazing!!! I loved her Confidence on stage and how the Gurls did there thing!!! Beyonce Rocked the Super bowl Half time show!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to Get Six Pack Abs!


As this year has begun I have decided  to be SICK IN TIRED OF BEING SICK IN TIRED!!!
I no longer want to go to the beach with a shirt on!! I no longer want to suffer of embarassment! 
For a very long time I was Embarassed of my body! I know some might say, but your thin! I have some fat in my mid section!! But this year I have a goal!!! Its called my shirtless summer!!! Where I will walk with confidence and grace in the beach! Having the Body of my dreams. I've been check out this website and wanted to share it with you... I've already bought the product.. And Hope you like it also.. Theres alot of tips on how to have the abs.. Diet and excersis tips also.
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This year I wanna have one of the most amazing years of my Life!!! So My goal is to have a completely shirtless summer! No more eating late! Early bed times and Write eating!!! I want the body I deserve!! Its funny because I already started my new years resolution Before New Years and Im Working on it harder every day!! Well Ill be giving you guys the details on how its going with the workouts and results!!! 
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Friday, December 7, 2012


I am Happy to announce that my mothers buisness is now and running!!! For a long time Ive kept it a secret!! But Now I am able to announce that her buisness has gone public!!!!
Come check it out!!!!
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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Last year (2011) was a year of extreme deception....
I mean if I made mistakes and was decieve 2011 was the year for that.
Have you ever had a friend pull a chair out for you? And while you go the sit on it they full it out in front of you....Or better yet, have you ever had someone tell you to jump in the deep end of the pool, that they catch you. Only to find out that the life guard had to full you out???
Deception.... wow. We can decieve ourselves to believe things about people that deep down inside we know isn't true. Like when someone says that they Love us, to only find out thats the same messgae they sent to twenty five others. Last year I feel in Love with someone that wasnt real. But you couldn't tell me any different. I was blind and intoxicated with Love for this one person.
Can you believe that I even once walked in the rain, because I didn't want anyone to know that I was crying.
Our hearts decieve us all the time... we are human....
But the question is how do we keep from being decieved? How do we keep people from playing us???
As we learn from life experiences and we see things and open to lifes lessons, We learn all of the signs that deception is close and working.
From life experiences we become more wiser and careful......
We are fools if we allow people and others to decieve us time and time again.
You best believe that Im more careful about who I fall for....
Ive gotten to the point where some people say why do you have soo many walls up?
Walls are built through experience, To protect you from decievers in life....
Who are around to get something from you and want to hurt you.
So as you continue in Life learn from your mistakes and guard your heart from Deception.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Are true Friends suppose to be there for you at all times?

We always say a friend is always there through thick and thin. But honestly sometimes a friend has to leave you to let you heal. The reason I say this is, we are human and as a friend we can only say soo much. We get tired of hearing the same played out song from a person who is hurting. I know at least when Im hurting I repeat the same story, over and over again. And as a human we get tired of hearing the same tune. I have a friend who's hurt right now, I would love to comfort her. But the truth is I can't take the pain away she's feeling. Humanly its not possible.
It's like trying to mend two cinder blocks together with your force. Its impossible, then why do we think that our friend's can mend our broken heart? Why do we think that they can change the situation? In all honesty Sometimes we have too big expectations for a person who's like us. We want everyone to be for us, what we physically can't be for them! We expect  the when we write at 2am about how they are going through a tough time; that our friends have to write us.
We are asking for something that honestly isn't even good for us. We become co-dependant of one another. What happens if that friend dies? Or maybe becomes sick? Will we not know how to deal with our issue on our own.
Thats why I believe that when a friend is dealing with a past issue. Like a break up, or heart break. I feel that it's best to let them deal with them on there own. Yes you can be there when they need someone to listen to them about how they feel. Or to hangout cause there lonely.
BUT WARNING: IF you have to drop what your doing to attend them, theres a problem. Your friend should also be understanding that you have a life; And resposiblities and you can attend there every issue. Sometimes there gonna have to fight out there battles on there own.... They'll have to face there demonds on there own sooner of later........

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Try Pink

I am a Big P!nk fan! I Love the way she expresses herself in music. She really tells a story through her music and I believe she is an amazing voicalist. Ive looked her Famiy Potrait Song and Morning Pill..... But Her song Try!!! Wow it blew me away!! Although it's a simple song its speaks to soo many people everywhere!!! No matter what situation you find yourself it'll motivate you.
 I love her Chorus:
Where there is desire there is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame somebody is bound to get burned,
But just because it burns doesnt mean your gonna die,
You gotta get up and TRY TRY TRY.....

From what Ive heard from people its helped them get through some tough times. It has motivated me to keep going and moving forward!!! To keep on trying in Life!!
The offical music video is about her and a man doing acrobatic tricks. But what gets me is that the dancing is telling a story. A story about her personal struggle!! I know that her song is relevent because we have all seen her struggle with love and relationships. We have seen her get up and TRY TRY TRY!! This so far is my favorite Song on her album...
This is the link to video if you haven't Already seen this video or heard the song!!!

The truth About Guys

I don't consider myself the wisest man alive... Actually I sometimes am a fool when it comes to decisions. But I can say that I know about mistakes, and I learn from them. But this blog posting isn't about my mistake. But mistakes that many females make.
This week  Iv'e heard a few females talk about how dissapointed they were about a guy. Either he wasn't interested in her, or they just wont give them the time of day. Of course as a friend they expect you to take there side..... But not this time.
I blame it on them. Okay....Some might be angry... BUT READ THE WHOLE ARGUMENT FIRST!!!
In todays society everything is so fast pace. Everyone is in a rush. Get married, have kids, retire....it's like no one thinks about the in between.
Females one thing I've noticed is that you's are too desperate!!!
BREATHE for a second! Alot of females get dissapointed because they simply don't know how to wait! Lately it's like women are doing the pursuing, and that's completly out of place!

Now I know society has changed and rolls have been switched on us through out time.
But it's in a mans nature to pursue a woman. Its not the womans job to do so... She's supposed to captivate the man. Catch his eye.... Lure him with her beauty and confidence.
But its the other way around the woman are pursuing the males.
And it can't be like that. Take your time and let the man be captivated by you.
Its okay the world isn't gonna end, everything is gonna be alright.

Now I know this isn't true for everyone. This may not even purtain to you.... But if you walk away remembering anything remember this. The same way a man is known for his physical strenght. Is the same way a man is emtionally. If he likes you, he will let you know. You won't have to pursue him!!
The minute you feel like your going after him...Stop!!! Because he's not doing his part as a man.
You should never be the one doing the work... Your Job is to be beautiful and graceful.... He's has to be the Strong Bold one.  There is someone out there for you... You will meet him... But you gotta give it time... And stop Pursuing Him.